Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When will be a Social Media editor in newspapers in Latinamerica?

Matthew Palenksky, writer for The Huffington Post, wrote today an analysis about how the New York Times first social media editor, Jennifer Preston, is doing on Twitter

Palensky reported that the new editor, a veteran reporter an editor, who started using Twitter first asked feedback on how the NYT should use Twitter. She had more than three thousand followers in a day.

But seems to be that her use of Twitter caused surprise in Palensky, since she sent a RT of the tweet of another user and, in doing so, she unwillingly cut the link to the post she found useful, sending people to Ebay.

I wonder, though: if this was something that Palensky saw as a 'rookie mistake', what would he think about things in Latin America, where there's not such a position in any newspaper (that I know of) and there's just a few experiments trying to take advantage of social media as a way to attract people to reading newspapers again.

The effort is good, since the previous attitude towards social media was that it was more 'a game' than something you could use to "lure" readers to your content.

I think seeing someone representing a newspaper in such a personal way in Latin America (even with this kind of mistakes) would be more than interesting and a sign that finally newspapers and media is taking seriously this kind of tools.

And I think people who uses Social Media in Latin America would be very glad to see transparency in their newspapers, because someone trying to reach his readers in this way isn't part of the way the newspapers are used to work in Latin America.

In Mexico, for example, newspapers sometimes put their interest or connection with certain group (political or economical) before their ethic. I think using social media as more as broadcasting services will be very difficult for them.

I hope we can see soon something like the effort the NYT is doing. If in US newspapers are struggling but at least trying to understand the new ways users are obtaining their information, what is going to happen to newspapers in Latin America that aren't doing anything?

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