Monday, June 1, 2009

My rules on Twitter

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For those reading this, yes, I also think it's a little strange having to say what are my rules on Twitter, but more people is following me (I'm not sure why are they following me, but thank you) and I think it's necessary to say how I'm going to behave on Twitter so you know what to expect.

  • My first rule is: I follow everyone (except spam or bots) who wants to exchange data, news, conversation and who wants to dialogue (I don't like one way communication; I look for the possibility to talk to them and be answered). This means: I follow everyone, except those who want to flood my timeline with ads or personal content every 2 seconds. I don't mind at all if people doesn't think like I do, I just want them to be open to discuss and listen to me, and not to be angry or dismiss me if I don't think the same (and I offer to do the same). Sometimes I follow companies or people who doesn't dialogue but that I believe can give me interesting information. The rest are people I want to be able to talk with, exchange information, data or just get to know them. I think everyone has something interesting to say.
  • If after trying to talk or exchange information I believe I'm annoying you with my tweets (particularly if you say it directly), I unfollow and I expect you to do the same. Why would I want to annoy you with my chat or content? Unfollowing someone is not 'hating' or 'loathing' that person or entity, I can't hate or loath someone I don't know (how could I know someone only by following them on Twitter?). I just think Twitter is a party where you should behave with civility, so if my conversation doesn't interest someone, I just move and find someone who feels interest about it.
  • Same principle, if someone unfollows me, I try not to take it personal. For me, it only means he/she didn't find value in what I'm saying and it's ok. I think we can't expect our tweets to be loved or liked by everyone. I think that getting angry for something that happens every day (that someone doesn't want to listen to you or read you) simply because on Twitter you can tell that it happened (because you can see who unfollowed you) it's not logical. In 'real life' people just dismiss you or stops reading your content (your blog, your tumblr, etc.) if they don't like it and you just don't notice it. Why take it personal?
  • I will try to respond every reply or DM that you send, but sometimes they just don't reach. TweetDeck isn't working right for me lately (some tweets are lost in limbo) and sometimes your tweets are so many they just delete themselves in my timeline before I can read it. So, if I don't answer, I'm not ignoring you, I want to engage, but sometimes this is difficult.
  • What I say, RT or comment on Twitter is just my opinion. I don't want to impose anything to anybody. Sometimes I strongly express my feelings or beliefs, but this doesn't mean I expect anybody to think or do the same that I do. I don't think anybody (even famous or known people) can expect that those who follow them do what they say or think what they think, even if people like them.
  • If someone insults me without any reason at all or insults someone I follow, I will block you. I just think there's no need to use foul language if I'm not insulting you and something annoys you. Also, if you mistreat someone I know, what can expect you to do if you follow me?
Well, these are my rules on Twitter. As I said in the beginning, my idea is letting you know what I want to obtain in this social network. I believe there's a lot to obtain in this social network, but also, there's the possibility of hurting feelings.

So, if I say exactly how I will use Twitter and why I do some things, I hope that you will understand that I want to use it the best way I can, without creating uncomfortable situations.

For me it is not true that Twitter makes you insensitive, it's just that you don't see a face in front of you, but you see other things: emotions, tastes, feelings, ideas. So, I think I'm going to behave with certain rules because I want to treat right those people behind a computer. With this I want to conclude: I respect you all, even if you disagree with me, and I really appreciate the possibility of talking with you.

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