Sunday, October 19, 2008

Republicans: so desperate they are willing to do comedy

Update: I haven't noticed that Saturday Night Live videos doesn't work in Blogger. Sorry, I changed it to one from YouTube (just the highlights, not complete) and the link to the page of Saturday Night Live.

A few weeks ago, I posted that in Mexico politicians are not spoofed as in US, where comedians even disguise like the President and candidates to important government posts. Mizfit, from Mizfit Online said in a comment that she found some of this skits were a bit too much... After I have seen the last Saturday Night Live skits, I completely agree with her.

I don't know if it's something we should worry about or something we should laugh, but one of the most strangest 'strategies' Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin are using is... make people laugh (I don't know if it's a strategy or they are simply very confused).

First, John McCain in the Al Smith Dinner. His speech was really good, he WAS funny, but... is this a desperate movement to win some votes? Too late, if you ask me. He should have been more normal from the beginning of his campaign, not now, when Obama has taken so much advantage in the race. His advisers should have told him to be more like a human being and less like a grumpy old man a long time ago.

Here, the videos where he gives his speech:

Then, Sarah Palin, making a fool of herself, literally. She simulated to see Tina Fey acting like her in a "press conference" in Saturday Night Live. This segment was not so bad, but when she danced a rap sung by Amy Poehler, I think it's too much...

To see in Saturday Night Live official site click here for the Sarah Palin Rap and here for the first segment.

Maybe I am a little conservative, but I don't know what else could happen in this election, it has been really interesting to see it, being from another country.

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MizFit said...

ooooooh. DANGNUBBIT!

I so rolled my eyes at the initial sarah palin thing (with alec baldwin) that I hit delete.