Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fashion as a torture for women

I don't know if this is a wrong idea, but sometimes I believe fashion is the devil's way to make women torture themselves willingly.

Besides clothes that are always manufactured to impose the idea that "thinner is better", there are all kinds of ways to make a women feel uncomfortable, even to give them pain.

In this goal, trendy shoes are the winner, particularly high heels shoes. Reading an article in The Daily Beast (and clicking in the slideshow) confirms my idea.

How, I wonder, can someone walk in a pair like the ones at the beginning of this post? They are made of a hard sole, but anyway I don't know if I could stand one day with them, even an hour.

I can't deny some of this shoes are nice to see and when someone with the right body structure and clothes uses them, they can look very nice, but, is it necessary?

What about people like me who likes to wear PRACTICAL clothes and that does not comply with the stereotype of extremely thin? I think fashion industry will never notice us.


MizFit said...

amen, sister.

my feet are happily ensconced in my nikes or mbts all the time.

high heels? Miz dont wear no friggin heels :)

kary.journalist said...

Definitely, what a better way to walk and exercise than in some comfortable shoes like the ones you are using?... In my case it would be impossible to run after a very active 5 year old girl if I wore high heels... So no thanks... :)