Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The best chance for the world: Obama

In the debate of this Wednesday, Barack Obama demonstrated why he would be a better candidate than John McCain for his country and the world.

In the face of adversity, Obama kept his cool. Not only in the debate, but from the beginning of a race were he was seen as the underdog, he managed to be calm and  strong. His strategy was well planned and well executed. He knows how to present his case and how to be listened.

Sen. McCain, on the other hand, he has been showing his character more and more, and it's not a nice thing to see. He started with advantage because he was quickly elected to be the Republican candidate, but then his numbers began to slowly decline and he showed he is capable of anything to win, including changing facts and attacking his opponent in any way possible.

He chose a woman not for her ability or her experience, but because she is good for PR. She is attractive and a 'rising star' in politics, but she lacks curiosity and vision, as she showed in the few interviews she had with the media. I want a woman to be in one of the most important political posts in the world, but not like a beautiful vase, as someone with substance.

McCain has judgment issues too, "cancelling" the campaign to address the problems with economy. But then he quickly take it back when he saw he was losing points in the presidencial race.

I have read news articles and seen videos about the background of Obama and about the background of McCain. The first one seems consistent and a normal human being to me; McCain seems to be a troubled, angry and resentful man.

Maybe his initial intentions were good, but his character began to show. Even if he has visited Mexico and Colombia, it's not possible to say if he will really be an ally or he will change his mind if his 'Maverick' temper tells him so.

I hope American citizens, including many immigrants who have obtained his citizenships, vote for Obama. As Tina Fey said: if the McCain-Palin ticket wins, I (and a lot of people) will have to leave Earth.

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