Thursday, September 4, 2008

A woman as possible Vicepresident of USA... and I'm not happy

I consider myself a moderate feminist. I am not asking for radical measures against men or something like that, but I am usually happy when I see a woman accomplish great things in her career, life, sports, any kind of activity.

But with Sarah Palin, the new candidate to the Vicepresident, chosen by the Republican candidate to the Presidency, John McCain, I don't have this feeling.

After reading about her beliefs and an analysis of her speech in the Republican National Convention, she really make me feel annoyed in a lot of levels.
First, why did she feel the need to stretch the truth in her speech, or be defiant to the media, I don't know.

She equals Barack Obama in years in the public administration, but even so she tries to make her job more important than the one made for Obama, with phrases like: "It's easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform — not even in the state senate." But Obama has worked in team of Senators to make different laws and reforms, she just didn't bother to mention it.

She shows off her "credentials" as hockey mom and multitasking mom, the perfect woman, but it is really difficult, as mom, to be all at the same time. On one point one of the multiple aspects of her life is going to crack: her career, her marriage, her sons and daugthers.

She believes she is strong enough to send 'a message' to the media about her 'mission' to work for the Americans and not for the media. A little naive of her to think the media is going to let go any mistake just because she said 'I'm not working for you'.

And finally, this is a person who doesn't acknowledge that she is no Superwoman, that she has flaws and that she is human, that in order to do it all, she could need help from a nanny, for example, that she is not a "pitbull with lipstick" (her words). I really don't see how this image can be appealing to women in USA who are only trying to be their best, not the best in the whole universe.


WeightingGame said...

I agree and just feel like they're totally pandering to women. It's so blatant and obvious. As someone who is a hardcore believer in choice and reporductive freedom, I could NEVER support her - and just because she's a woman doesn't make want to vote for her.

kary.journalist said...


Thank you for visiting my blog. I haven't had time to return to answer here, but in fact I think this woman hold values that are only good for their kind of women, excluding this way the ones that doesn't think like her. I believe women should be able to choose about their lives, the way they look, their beliefs... And Sarah Palin looks like an imposer of their beliefs.