Tuesday, September 9, 2008

¿"Barbie" Sarah Palin?

It turns out Sarah Palin is being taken less seriously than she wants. Some blogs and news articles says she is only part of a PR strategy for Sen. John McCain, meaning that she is only there because she is an "everyday mom".

I do not think being a mom is something bad or less important than having some kind of external job (because being a mom it IS a really hard job). But what I hate is that she is being used to attract certain kind of voters and not because of her merits and besides, because political analysts make 'being a mom' something irrelevant. It is relevant, but if you only see a woman as a mom and not as the whole dimentions she has, then you are diminishing her with this attitude.

And now, as the title of this post says, I found a news article that says that someone is making a 'Barbie' Sarah Palin.

I think they are making her an object, and a sexual object in certain way. The people who had this idea is almost saying "She is someone just because she was a beauty queen". I find it disgusting. But of course, there is people who find that amusing. I do not think ANY woman should be treated or thought about like a plastic doll. But well, that is me. The world is going crazy.

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