Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are Mexicans real patriots?

Patriotism is a something that many Mexicans seems to hold high in their values. In my case, I believe that this word has become more common place than something real, like actions to show we really love our country.

Some people in Mexico express this value in a way that doesn't seem coherent to me. This kind of Mexicans seem to believe they show their patriotism celebrating our national festivities with a blast (Independence Day, on September 15, and Revolution Day, on November 20), but they do not take more real actions to show they love their nation.

This Mexicans pollute rivers, soil, and air without worrying about losing our natural resources. They do little to help less fortunate people. They are not civilized in their way to obtain something, they tend to step in other people toes so they can get what they want. And this, for many Mexicans, is acceptable.

There is an old saying 'el que no tranza no avanza' (he who doesn't cheat, don't get ahed) and  this kind of people believe in this.

It's awful to hear that this group of people tarnish the image of all Mexicans in other countries, because they stand out in contrast with people who tries to be a better kind of citizen. If they migrate, they attain to this kind of attitudes where they live and this is awful, because not all of us are the same.

Some of us want to achieve things, to work hard and get a just reward, to work for our country (here or even if we migrate, showing Mexicans are good for our country and for the one that gives us shelter) and we want to show we are not only being 'patriotic' in the festivities, but also with actions in our daily life.

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