Thursday, August 28, 2008

Democratic Convention from the view of an outsider

United States politics, from abroad, look a lot more interesting to me than the politics in my country.

First of all, Americans seem to know how to make a convention of politicians almost a Hollywood show. It's not easy, once you follow the way they do their campaigns or their summits, to take your sight from it.

The Democrat National Convention has been, for me, a very interesting thing to watch. From the point of view of my B.A. in Communication it shows how political propaganda should be made, from the politics point of view it gives examples on how the union of a party is more important than the egos of important contenders like Hillary Clinton, it demonstrates that it's good not to be all the time in the spotlight (like Barack Obama did) and let the person who will be the formula partner take the lead (like John Biden did this Tuesday).

Just watching the video in YouTube I found that the words used by Biden are encouraging, they pledge to the best of the people, not the worst like Mexican politicians do.

Here, in Mexico, everyone steps in the other toes. It's not possible to have union inside the parties, they fight for things like who will lead and they fight more when they have to choose who will be the candidate to the Mexican Presidency, electing her/him in an secret process and fighting the other contenders like they were enemies, not partners from the same party.

I find this disgusting and I understand how most of people in Mexico is not interested in politics. I believe that a politic strategy that tries to do people react because they have fear or they feel hate is not a good thing. I think that it is better to instill hope in a person than fear. But of course, that is my point of view and unfortunately here the strategy of giving hope to people is less and less used.

Update: After seeing (at this page) and reading (at this page) the speech given by Barack Obama I believe if Mexican politicians would have this passion to establish their ideas, people won't be so detached from politics as it is now. To me it was a great, great speach...

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