Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Unfair job searching

It is interesting how different is the search for a position in Mexico compared with other countries like USA or Canada. As a Mexican with skills useful in both countries (I studied a B.A. in Communication and I have worked as journalist) I think the requirements in my country are sometimes inappropriate and unfair compared with what is asked in USA or Canada.

For example, ads in job search engines in Mexico often request people with 'excellent presentation', expression used as an euphemism for 'handsome' or 'beautiful'. There are age restrictions too. No matter that a person has all the requirements to do a job that does not need a physical effort, if you are over certain age you cannot apply for certain jobs.

Another jobs even rule out people from certain universities, like UNAM or IPN, because they have 'bad reputation' (supposedly students from this schools are conflictive). In contrast, companies look for professionals graduated from private universities, like ITESM, UDLA and others.

If you can get an interview and start the hiring process, you could have more 'surprises': some times to be hired you got to take a non pregnancy test, so your future employer does not have to give you a pregnancy leave.

Looking at what is asked in USA and Canada, all based in experience and skills, and knowing that laws in this countries forbid the discrimination based on age, gender, race, socio economical status or any other of this characteristics, I think our government must be doing something wrong in enforcing the warranties of citizens of Mexico.

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