Monday, February 4, 2008

Defiance at non smoking ban

Recently, the Washington Post published an article about how in Annapolis, Maryland, a statewide smoking ban has taken effect.

Except in shops and stores where tobacco sales make up more than 75 percent of revenue, every other public place can't sell tobacco or permit smoking. This includes bars, restaurants, taxicabs, bowling alleys and private clubs.

Curiously, in Mexico City the lawmakers decided to establish a similar ban for restaurants, bars and other places where people gather, but the ban is less severe. It allows to have a physically separated place for smokers, while non smokers will have the rest of the space in the restaurant or bar.

This has generated anger between the business owners because of the money they will have to spend to adapt the spaces to this law. Also between some smokers who believe that not allowing them to smoke in this places is a violation to their rights.

Why can't the Mexican people be more conscious about other people or that a law is usually made to benefit the ones who can't protect themselves of a treat?

And the argument about lost revenue for restaurants and other businesses is somehow overrated. In other places in the world where this type of ban has been applied the losses weren't as high as thought initially.

In Maryland, even some restaurants have opted to go smoke-free without a ban. Here, in Mexico City, as always, it seems some people can't think of others and adapt to a health issue.

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