Friday, January 4, 2008

Hillary loses her momentum

Hillary Clinton, a woman who seems to have a very good chance to be the firs woman in the Presidency of the United States, lost her first test yesterday. Barack Obama won the caucus in Iowa, giving Clinton a message.

Which message is this? That's something her team will like to study carefully. Maybe she has been too ambiguous in her position of the themes that interest the americans. Maybe she has been too rough in others. The issue is to find a better strategy to convince the democrats to give her their trust.

I, as a woman, will like to see how a woman performs in the leadership of one of the most important nations in the world. Will she be better than man? Will she make the same kind of mistakes than men in this job? Will she feel the same or more pressure?

But at the end I think that a president who has a better internal and foreign way to lead the USA will be better for that country and the ones affected by it.

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