Friday, January 4, 2008

Arizona new law

Recently in Arizona was announced that any company knowingly hiring illegal inmigrants will have its business license suspendend.

The objective of this law is to curb the flow of illegal inmigrants to the United States. The problem, nonetheless, is shared by both countries and, in my opinion, it's not something that a ban can resolve.

A little example: peasants in a coffee plantation in Mexico earn almost 5 dollars for A DAY of work, with no social security, sleeping in shacks, suffering a 'discount' on its payment for using this facilities, and travelling from plantation to plantation in insecure trucks, packed like cattle.

In EU, this same peasant has better conditions and a better payment, besides of multiple options to work. It's not difficult to understand why someone will risk his life and spend borrowed money to find "the American Dream".

EU could use more money in helping to improve the economic conditions of Mexico and even find a way to verify the correct use of this resources. Instead, they spend in fences that at the end doesn't stop the illegal inmigrant flow.

Maybe for the federal goverment in EU it's easier to give spectacular hits and not long term solutions, but if they want to really stop this problem, then it will be better to study and implement new strategies.

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