Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mexicans and its fight agains taxing the use of Internet

On Monday night Mexicans began to use a hashtag (#) on Twitter, #InternetNecesario, meaning "Internet is a Necessity". This hashtag was a form of protest against a new tax for telecommunications in Mexico, including Internet.

This hashtag pretends to show anger against this measure, since the Mexican government says this tax is made because Internet is a luxury, not a necessity. Mexicans who use the web to work, communicate, research, learn and many other uses disagrees with this idea.

According to the blog Isopixel, citing the World Bank, an increase of 10% in broadband availability has been shown to help developing countries to climb a 1.3 % of their Gross Domestic Product.

It's impossible not to see that Internet is a tool that makes information easily available, gives people a window to see what's outside their countries, and helps people to have all kind of opportunities they didn't have before because they can increase their education, their chances to do business, etc.

Why our government doesn't seem to see this? Because they are more concentrated in getting money for their particular agenda, but increasing taxes they only slow our economy. And taxing Internet is the worst kind of tax they have ever come up.

I hope this online protest has some influence in the lawmakers decision today, in my blog in Spanish (http://detras-de-mi-cristal.blogspot.com) I posted the letter that I wrote to one of this congressman (the one that represents my district) hoping more people protest and see that they are working for us, not against us.

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