Monday, October 5, 2009

ONEDROP Foundation organizes mission for water

Al Gore, a peak behind the scenes

Just as it has been doing since its creation, ONEDROP Foundation will try to create awareness in the population about the lack of equal access to water in the world.

His mission, “Water for all, all for water”, summarizes the idea of fighting against poverty by giving everyone enough access to safe water.

Guy Laliberté, founder of ONEDROP and owner of Cirque du Soleil, will try to impact people’s minds so more actions are done to solve this problem.

This time he will promote from space the Poetic Social Mission. Laliberté is aboard the International Space Station (ISS) because he became the seventh special tourist. He traveled in the Soyuz TMA-16 on September 30th, and the rocket docked safely to the ISS.

For this travel, Laliberté started his preparation since May 9th in Star City, near Moscu, Russia. After tests and intensive physical training, done for 5 months, the artist and entrepreneur arrived to the ISS on October 2th.

Since the launching Laliberté showed his artistic roots and called himself “the first clown in space”, donned a red nose and carried a small package with more red noses for the members of the crew.

But even if Laliberté presence has changed the humor in the ISS, his mission is no joke.

The most relevant moment of this travel will be on October 9th, when the event Moving Stars and Earth for Water will be broadcasted, with international celebrities reading a poetic tale in 14 cities around the world. These celebrities include Al Gore, U2, Tatuya Ishii, Peter Gabriel, Shakira, Salma Hayek, Lila Downs, Patrick Bruel, A. R. Rahman, among others.

The event will be transmitted around 7:00 p.m. (time in Mexico City, -4 GMT). People will be able to see it through, and the cities that will participate in this effort will be Montreal, Durban, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Mexico City, New York, Sydney, London, Marrakesh, Mumbai, Osaka, Santa Monica, Tampa and Moscow.

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