Sunday, February 15, 2009

What are we waiting for to do something for our envinronment?

An article in the New York Times, published yesterday, tells how the author, Thomas L. Friedman, met two young American woman in New Delhi, who asked him if he wanted to take a ride with them in their car. The importance of this invitation was the kind of car the women had: an electrical car also powered by solar panels.

The women, both Yale grads, also told him about various initiatives developing in India, like "using neem and garlic as pesticides", steam from a solar plant for cooking or cultivating worms as an alternative for chemical fertilizers.

All this is done by common people, in a country where there's a high rate of poverty. And when I read this I started wondering: why other countries, with more resources, with more possibilities, like EU, or even like Mexico, aren't doing something like these NOW?

What are we waiting for? Another article from the BBC that I read today reports that global warming will be worse this century than the initial estimation.

I will like to see people more conscious about what they can do and try it, even if it sounds strange or crazy to others. It's not possible we are being so reckless with our resources, as if the economy it's the only thing that matters, when the economy can't work if there's nothing to trade.

There's a lot of measures we can take, and the Internet is a good place to find about it.

A person can recycle, reuse water various times, use potable water wisely, a variety of little actions that summed can be helpful. I wish Mexicans will start thinking what are they doing to the world where their children is living and where they are going to be adults. For me, writing about this is the only way to create some consciousness and I hope someone out there will do something else than complain.

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