Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mexican and US as partners?

This week our President, Felipe Calderón, had a meeting with the US President-elect, Barack Obama. This was a very important meeting in our country and (I think, even if I like Obama) another activity in the schedule of the US President.

I don't blame him, really. Mexico, unfortunately, has become lately in sort of a headache for US (from their point of view, of course) for the insecurity, the drug gangs spreading in our territory, the immigrants passing for thousands every month, the trade controversies, among other stuff.

But I would like so much that Obama (and all the people in US) will give us a chance. I think both countries could find common ground in this issues and they would be able to begin to solve them if they cooperate with each other.

And by cooperation I mean really enforce policies that work in both countries, for example, if US could block the sales of guns to Mexico it would make harder for drug gangs to obtain guns and armament.

Of course, this would need a detailed plan, with respect to both countries differences and cultures, so it's difficult to say if Mexico and US could be partners in this kind of effort.


Spring said...

I'm with you, Kary. I've always thought the U.S. and Mexico could be and should be allies, and I hope one day we'll have the same kind of relationship that Canada and the U.S. share.

Perhaps Obama can make that happen. Let's see.

kary.journalist said...

I also hope Obama has the vision to see that if he helps Mexico to be better in terms of security and even in the economics maybe there wouldn't be so many immigrants to US.