Friday, January 23, 2009

Three days after the change

Besides of being unable to post in this blog because of my job, I wanted to take some time to be more objective about the new President of US, Barack Hussein Obama.

For me, it has been a very interesting process to watch. His campaign, as many people knows, was different to any other from the beginning, starting with the values he portrayed (hope, change, diversity), to the use of the new media (e-mail, SMS, sites like as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) and the way he centered his run for the Presidency in his ideas, not in the fact that he is African-American.

He was a candidate like no other, and since January 20th, everyone expects him to be a President like no other before. His inaguration was followed in TV, social media (Twitter, Facebook) and news sites (like CNN site, the no. 1 online destination among current events and global news sites).

The Inaugural events were spectacular, because, like The New York Times stated in a review of the music played in all these events,

Stars who had shunned the politics of the Bush administration happily flocked to Washington for Mr. Obama’s inauguration
 I particularly like the first song Obama and the first lady danced in the Neighborhood Ball: 'At last', sung by BeyoncĂ©. This song has always been of my favorites, it's a romantic song that was symbolic of the arrival of Obama to the Presidency: at last, one African-American can reach the most powerful post in the world, at last things are changing in the way politics are done in the White House.

And now, in just three days, Obama has issued executives orders that shows he means what he says: the most relevant are the one that will lead to close Guantanamo, a human rights shame for the US; the ethics expected in this new Administration, and even today there's rumors US drones fired missiles in Pakistan.

Really, this is a government I will be watching with interest.

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