Sunday, October 5, 2008

Women must stand by themselves to close wage gap

In an article published in Time Magazine there is an explanation on why men earn more than women doing the same job.

A study made by two researchers from the University of Florida found that men that have more stereotypical views of gender roles earn more than their peers with more egalitarian ideas.

In the case of women, those who have more traditional ideas (i.e. that women belong in the home) earn less than women with egalitarian ideas.

Why does this happen? The article explains that men with traditional roles and women with egalitarian ideas earn more because they negotiate a better salary, because they believe they deserve this wage.

Also, a woman with traditional ideas show attitudes that is possible their employers perceive. In this case, employers are more likely to take advantage of them.

In other words, it's an everyday job to show women deserve the same kind of wage.  This may seem unfair, but there is hope in the fact that women are being treated less like second-class persons and more like any other employee.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to read YOUR .02 with regards to how sarah palin fits in here....I'm so excited a woman could be veep.

But, IMO, I'm horrified at her stance on what I see as 'womens issues'

Have a great family weekend & skip my radiothing ;)

It'll hopefully be archived.


kary.journalist said...

Hi, Mizfit:

Nice to see you here. :) Her stance in women issues is disturbing to me too... In fact, as I have more than a small comment to say about Sarah Palin, I published a post about this.

I am here in the mornings and I turn the computer anyway because we all check our mail or put some music, so I hope the kids will be not so loud (cross my fingers). Besides I want to hear your radio thing because I am really interested in how to have a healthy living. I am doing my best to eat right and everything, but maybe you and your radio co hosts will give me ideas I haven't thought about... :)