Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Self image and self-esteem, really go together?

Even if my favorite topics in this blog are politics or the media, from time to time I write about self image, and the way a kind of body is being portrayed as how everyone should look.

But a few days ago I was talking with a friend about self image and how some people gives it a lot of value in their lives. And then, we started talking about self-esteem and she said that in certain way she believes liking how you look (self image) makes you have better self-esteem.

I am not sure about this. A person can love her/his spirit or her/his intellectual accomplishments without thinking much about self image (either good or bad). I have been in both places, sometimes believing I look wonderful and others believing I don't (and some times in hours, so it's a matter of perception too).

I don't know if self image should be so important in appreciating me and other people. I mean, I firmly believe that my worth as a person is not in the way I look. As I grow old I think it's not going to be easy to always look wonderful or even good because of the things age naturally causes.

This does not mean I will not take care of myself. I want to do exercise, to take care of what I eat, but is it logic to always be watching how I look to love myself?

This is a question, I don't mean to judge what my friend believes or if any other person thinks like this.

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