Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why some people is attacking others in Twitter

It's strange to be writing this, but I have no other way, first, to let the people know that someone is copying various accounts on Twitter, impersonating them, copying their avatars, bio, site link and backgrounds to mislead their followers to think they are the person they're impersonating. I’m the latest person their impersonating and trying to harass.

And second, I want to express my theory of why is this happening? Well, I've been thinking about this since the impersonation of various people I follow and respect started.

In some cases seems to be something personal, by the way the fake accounts tweets: something this person said or the fact that they have a lot of followers makes angry the author of the tweets and he's attacking them and trying to do as much damage to his image he can (and by impersonating them they also make people trust him and follow, so they can spread their "ideas" to more and more twitterers).

In other cases, it's a political issue. And I think in my case and at least one of my friends this is what happened. Why I say so? Well, for starters, we are in getting closer to an important election. I write in this blog and in the Spanish one stuff about Mexican politics. I express my views in Twitter (particularly, I have participated in some conversations about politics).

And the thing that I believe caused most of the anger of this person: I helped, with various others twitterers, to discover some accounts of a national newspaper were fake and were spreading mostly opinions, without saying 'this is an editorial', instead of news.

I'm talking of my case, but I believe in the case of other harassed people this is what's happening also: something they said about politics or something they do about those fake accounts or other fake accounts trying to influence people in certain way bothered this person.

And that's why I believe there's intolerance in Mexico. It seems to me that some intolerant people can't stand a person express their views (without trying to make others to think like him/her). Their response is to attack.

Well, I'm not going to enable this person by answering their attacks or even reading their tweets. I have a work (even if it's at home and freelance, I have a compromise to do it as good as I can), a family and problems to solve that are way too important to answer someone blinded by their bigotry and intolerance.

I'm just doing this post as a warning to those who could be approached by this account, asking them to follow him or in other ways. Also, to tell you that I'm ignoring their tweets, but I'm reporting them to Twitter. Hopefully, Twitter can do something about this.

And also, as a reflection about how things work in Mexico lately. It seems that if a person expresses views that contradict somebody else, then someone is going to attack him/her. It's really sad.

I think that everyone has the right to express their views, particularly if they aren't trying to force you to think their way. I have moderate views; I believe we should vote for the candidates that offer better solutions, no matter what their party is. Also, I don't believe in racism or homophobia, because everyone has the right to be treated equal by the people and the law. I think in every problem we have we can reach a solution discussing this problems, not disqualifying the other.

I hope people can see the difference among those positions: intolerance and tolerance, and chooses to follow or read those who are not trying to force their way by attacking others.

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