Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mexico is not lost yet

Different media (particularly in the United States) have reported that Mexico is in his way to become a failed state.

In the Wall Street Journal an article explains why they think this is true:

Mexico is now in the midst of a vicious drug war. Police officers are being bribed and, especially near the United States border, gunned down. Kidnappings and extortion are common place.

This events can't be denied, but what I find a little biased is that there is no mention at all that not the people in Mexico is involved in this kind of things. Most people in Mexico is hard working, honest people, who only wants to raise their kids and make a living, maybe buy a house and a few material possesions.

But they aren't part of the drug gangs that are disestabilizing our country. This gangs have been able to predominate because they buy high technology weapons from US manufacterers and also because our security forces receive a salary that isn't enough to have a decent way of life.

In this crisis, it will be even more difficult to give police officers better wages to make them resist the bribes from the drug gangs, but something is being done, not like before, when the drug gangs and the corruption were 'leaved alone' by the goverment in exchange of peace and silence (since many of them were somehow involved or financed by drug gangs).

But I do not think that other countries should say Mexico is almost lost. There's actions that can be done before the 'failure' in our institutions. For instance, US could control better who sell weapons to whom, not close their eyes as if nothing is happening.

Also, if US helps, they could make certain petitions, among others, oversee how the money they are providing our country is really being used.

I don't believe it's wise for US to close their eyes and leave things go its current course. It is a security threat for them to leave their neighbors lose control of everything. I hope they can see this and help in the way they can. I don't think millions of persons who are not part of the criminals and corrupt government deserve to be abandoned.

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