Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What I like about the Internet

Today I'm guest blogger in Mizfitonline.com. Aside from the personal satisfaction this brings (a lot of personal satisfaction!, because this is a highly respected and visited blog) I think this shows what the Internet was made for.

Internet it's a place where you can learn and contribute your particular experiences, opinions or ideas and receive benefits from this cooperation.

It's incredible the fact that, as a blogger who only wanted to be a better writer, to have a place where I could expose my opinions and learn from other bloggers about themes that are interesting to me in this particular stage of my life, I have found a way to enrich my existence and participate in this kind of community that Mizfit has created.

This is the aspect of Internet I like most. I'm really honored to have been able to do a post and I encourage you, if you haven't visit Mizfitonline.com, to do so. Maybe you'll find the same inspiration I have found and start to do the best for you, your health, your body, your attitude in general, because her blog doesn't only focus in the physical aspect, but in how to feel better as a person.

In all, I think this is ultimately what any blogger should aim to be: someone who helps people in some way to understand themselves and to feel better in their skins, to understand the world around them. I hope some day I would have so much influence as I see Mizfit has and even if I don't achieve this, I think I have won a lot as reader of her blog.


Spring said...

Congratulations! What an honor to guest post at MizFit! Bien hecho, Kari!

Spring said...

I misspelled your name! My apologies, Kary :)

Spring said...

I tagged you! You can find the details at my blog. Write 7 random/weird things about Kary!

kary.journalist said...

Hi! Thank you, :) I'm responding this in http://cafeveracruz.blogspot.com.