Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolutions, now it's for real

The first day of the year has always a lot of symbolism for a lot of people. It's a new start, a way to try to leave behind us the things we didn't do so well and start doing our best effort.

In my case, not only the start of this New Year it's what make me think: "well, enough procastination, do something about your health and your family!"

The process, I can say, started when I found various inspiring blogs, written by women who, as American people say, walk the walk. Some of them struggle and some seem to know exactly what they do, some of them are experts, some others are not, but give you can recognize in them things you have live yourself.

So, I said, if all this women are doing SOMETHING for themselves, what I am waiting? What other excuse am I going to use to do nothing for me and my family?

I don't think it's easy, but it's something I can do if I put enough effort in it.

And so, I started to do something, if only few steps towards my goals. First, researching what would be a good starting point for someone who hasn't done exercise in a lot of time. Then, checking how I felt doing the exercises and adjusting my schedule so time is not an issue.

I can say I'm on the right track. I have made my resolutions public in one of my blogs, now in this one and also I feel I'm part of some kind of movement started by one of these inspiring women, Mizfit, who published the resolutions of various bloggers like me.

My resolutions are just a few, small and simple, but I believe this will make them more achievable: Doing exercise at least four days a week, half cardio (in my case, running, the exercise I like most) and half weight training. Slowly adding healthy food to my family’s menu, one dish a week, so (hopefully and after convincing them, hehehe) most of the food we eat will be healthy by the end of 2009.

I can say, proudly, even if it's the first day in the year, I did some exercise and I didn't eat in excess as I always do the day after New Year's Eve. Also, I know what I am going to do everyday in this week to be a step closer to achieve my goals. I know this is an everyday fight, but I feel really encouraged and highly motivated to do this. So when December 31st comes, I think I will be proud of myself.

And my best wishes goes with everyone who has a goal, related with health or not, and I hope they will feel like this at the end of the year.


Spring @ forever spring said...

Good Goals! My resolution was simply to exercise more, but let's face it--more specific goals get better results, so you win! I'm going to join you in the four times a week goal I think.

Good Luck!

carla said...

youre up today at Miz!