Monday, December 1, 2008

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State

The rumors were true. The so announced proposal from Barack Obama to Hillary Rodham Clinton to become Secretary of State is official.

This seems to be really a very different kind of government in US. In previous presidencies I cannot envision this same kind of phenomena, a President-elect choosing people who supposedly are rivals, one of his most important rivals indeed.

Also, Hillary is being really an admirable person, letting go her aspirations and her natural opposition to a President who came from nowhere and ended with her dream to be the first woman President, at least for now.

Definitely, I like to see a intelligent and strong person in that position, someone who I believe will send the message that US is taking seriously who will take charge of foreign affairs, not like previous State Secretaries. Hope this improves the image of US in the exterior, because for now we only see a country who had in its
wheel someone who let anyone down. And don't take me wrong, I really wish George Bush would have done better, because US and the world won't be in this mess right now.


MizFit said...

Im not certain what I think...yet. I admire her brains and drive and hope that she CAN put aside any ego and not be SES with the backdrop of dangnubbit *I* wanted to be president!

we shall see huh?

(just got your email. my account was slowslow but has caught up---it was them not me. thankfully :))

kary.journalist said...

Hi! I'm just reading your e-mail... I imagined 1) you have too many mails and that sort of delayed mine being read, :) or 2) the junk mail trap, it has happened that one e-mail I'm expecting ends in the junk mail by mistake. :)

And about Hillary, will she be the kind of person who accepts and then can not let behind her aspirations? Do you think? I would not jump in a a position like that if I still had hard feelings, but you made me rethink how she is coping with the whole situation... We shall see, as you said... :)