Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama and McCain struggle to attract Hispanic voters

According to an article that was written in Yahoo News by Laura Wides-Munoz for AP, Barack Obama and John McCain are having some difficults to attract Hispanic voters.

It's not a matter of language. It appears both candidates are not familiar with this demographic group, with a diversity that it is hard to grasp to anyone not belonging to it.

The same problems McCain and Obama have had in their campaigns with other demographic groups are the problems they will have to overcome to be atractive to the Hispanic voters. Obama is seen as an example of vitality, but its lack of experience is questioned. On the other hand McCain is respected by many Hispanics for his efforts to pass a comprehensive immigrant reform, but it's seem as a successor of President Bush.

Some Hispanics see Obama as the one who has less connection to them and they think he has not made an effort to approach to them and sell his qualities.

For McCain, the fact that in eight years some Hispanic have seen no change in the country has made that people of this group, who has always been Republican, are now turning his preference to Obama.

To convince the Hispanics may be a matter of talking to them 'directly'. They don't want the candidates to do mass events, they want them to meet with important leaders of each community, as they do with voters of other groups. They need a closer look at the candidate, even the opportunity to shake hands with him.

This is specially true for Obama, who needs to improve his image with Hispanics because some of them are uncomfortable voting for a black candidate. This is due to the competition over jobs and services or prejudice.

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