Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twitter and the news in Mumbai

Today, while I was doing various activities, I opened Twitter as I do since I discovered this service. Today it proved how efficient and influential it can be.

The terrorists attacks in Mumbai that happened today were reported, minute by minute, in Twitter. The reports were made in real time and at one point even the police asked people posting this reports to stop informing about where the security forces were moving because the terrorists seemed to be following this tweets.

It's chilling and amazing that you can know about news at the moment they are happening and that even the mainstream media looked information in Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and blogs for information and as a way to know where things were happening.

What people can do as citizen journalists is really impressive, since together they can be a strong informative force.Tragic as this story was, it is important to see it happen without the intervention the mainstream media and their agenda.

To see more about the tweets in real time, this is one Twittizen that posted updates.


Anonymous said...

I missed it all on twitter as I was rolling with the family---all so heartbreaking and SHOCKING about the terrorists following the tweets.

Anonymous said...

left you a comment in the comments yesterday----bottom line? Id love you to do s guest post at Miz should you eve r be so inclined!

Karina Velazquez said...

Hi, Miz:

Wow, 3:17 A.M. and you came to make a comment! Either you have a lot of energy or it's the hours of difference, hehe! Whatever the reason, thanks for visiting this blog ;)

And yes, following the events 'live', so to speak, was indeed a distressful experience... And it just got worse when the government of India learned the terrorist were reading what was happening on Internet, particularly Twitter... I just hope this ends soon (yes, because they are still under attack) and, at least yesterday, they were targeting British and American people, awful really...

I suppose you are enjoying the party now, but if you read this soon, Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Karina Velazquez said...

Wow, I was answering the first comment and then I read the second comment you left, and of course I would like to do a guest post... It's an honor in fact!... :)

Just let me think a really good topic because your site requires a certain level of quality, really you made my day!

Karina Velazquez said...


Please ignore in the previous comment the part where I say I'm gonna think in a topic, I saw in your blog that you were thinking in 3 kings day, I was a little confused, but not anymore, :)